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About Us

A truly Artisan experience to enhance your natural beauty.

A Certified Lash Artist and Iowa’s only Gold Certified TrueBrow™ Salon.

Using the TrueBrow™ System, Artisan reveals the fullest and most beautiful potential of your brows, naturally. As a Certified Lash Artist, Artisan mindfully delivers your lash dreams through proper sanitation, clean application, and appropriate weight of extensions to preserve your natural lash line. Lash lifts are also available for those who may not be a candidate for lash extensions or who prefer a low maintenance alternative.

The story of Artisan Brow & Lash Studio

Owner Kelsie Stajcar entered the beauty industry in 2013 after earning her license in Esthetics from the state of Utah. Although she planned to pursue the medical side of esthetics, Kelsie quickly discovered her passion for making women feel confident and beautiful through transformative brow and lash services. In an effort to continually provide the best possible experience for her clients, Kelsie invests in ongoing training for both brow and lash services.<?p>

Kelsie first opened Artisan Brow & Lash Studio (formerly Beauty Bliss) in 2013 in Utah. Due to a move overseas, the opening was brief. In late 2013, she reopened in Okinawa, Japan where she quickly gained a loyal clientele until her move back to Iowa in 2017. Raised in Ankeny, Iowa, Kelsie has returned to bring the world class TrueBrow™ System and her lash expertise to Iowa at Artisan Brow & Lash Studio.

Classic Eyelash Extension Training

Artisan Brow & Lash Studio has partnered with Bella Lash as a Certified Training Center to bring you the Classic Training Course, the foundation for lash extensions. Classic lashing is the first step to beginning your successful career in the lash industry.

Why train with Artisan?

With your experience in mind, we have very small class sizes to offer you a personalized learning experience. Our educator, Kelsie Stajcar, has been a dedicated Lash Artist for 5 years. With the refined Bella Lash curriculum and our knowledgeable educator, Artisan provides a thorough, quality classic lash training to begin your career in the lash industry. As an added bonus, once you earn your certification, you will receive 10% off of Bella Lash products for life.

What is covered in this course?

  • Understanding a Client’s Candidacy
  • Eyelash Anatomy
  • Safety & Risks
  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Lash Types
  • Adhesive Characteristics
  • Retention Tips
  • Isolation vs Application
  • The Application Process
  • Advanced Lash Styles
  • Lash Mapping
  • Lash Aftercare
  • Fill Procedure
  • Lash Removal
  • Business and Marketing Success Plan

What is the investment?

Our 2-day Classic Lash Course is $1597

Are payment plans available?

To hold your spot, there is a minimum deposit of $800. Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to your selected course.

Register for June/July 2020 Classes


What makes Artisan different?2017-07-05T17:51:15+00:00
At Artisan Brow & Lash Studio we take immense pride in our work.  We are passionate about our craft and our ability to empower women through enhancing their natural beauty.  As women, when we look good, we feel good; that is the most meaningful transformation of all.  Home to Iowa’s only TrueBrow™ Specialist + Lash Specialist with multiple certifications, we’re here to offer you the best experience possible by way of authenticity, quality, professionalism, passion, transparency, and our experience.  We are incredibly detail oriented, and we love the tedious nature as well as artistry involved in our services.  We participate in ongoing training in both the brow and lash industries as they are ever evolving, so we are always learning and growing as professionals.  With years of experience and elated clientele, we cannot wait for you too to experience Artisan and to give you our very best at every visit!
How do I make an appointment?2019-01-02T17:46:16+00:00
We utilize online booking found right here on our website.  Click here to view our services, pricing, and availability.  If you’re having difficulty scheduling online, contact us!
What are Artisan’s hours of operation?2019-11-02T17:10:14+00:00
As a small studio, we are by appointment only. Our hours are Monday 10-2pm, Tuesday-Thursday 9:30-6pm, and Friday 9:30-5pm.
What is the best way to contact Artisan?2017-07-05T17:52:36+00:00
Call or text us at 515-446-8043  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  When we are with our clients we give them our full attention, so if we don’t answer your phone call, please leave a message.  We can also be reached via email at
What can I expect during my first lash extension appointment?2017-07-08T03:20:25+00:00

Upon arrival, you will fill out the necessary consult document which includes general information, health history, expectations, and our waiver. In-depth aftercare instructions are covered to ensure you can care for your new lashes with confidence. Keeping the health of your natural lashes in mind, we then discuss styling options. We carry a variety of curls, diameters, and lengths to offer a fully customizable look. We then prep your lashes by cleaning/priming and ‘taping down’ your lower lashes with a gel pad. Applying lash extensions to clean lashes is an absolute must or the bond will be affected. With this in mind, please arrive with clean lashes so more time can be spent on applying your new lash extensions. The remainder of the appointment is spent applying your lash extensions and finishes with capturing your ‘after’ pictures.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?2017-06-21T18:41:31+00:00

With our expert application and correct choice in extension weight (length & thickness), as well as proper home care, Artisan Lash Extensions will not damage your natural lashes.


Do lash extensions work for blonde lashes?2017-07-05T17:50:05+00:00
Yes, absolutely!  Some clients get their lashes tinted before their set of lash extensions is applied.  This is a great way to achieve an even darker lash line, but please understand your lashes cannot be tinted while you have lash extensions adhered to your natural lashes.
How are lash extensions applied?2019-11-02T17:08:28+00:00

We specialize in Classic, Hybrid, and Volume lash techniques.  Using these techniques one natural lash is isolated and then one extension (Classic/Hyrbid) or handcrafted fan (Hyrbid/Volume) is applied using an adhesive specifically formulated for lash extensions. To achieve beautiful, damage free lashes, precision is crucial to allow for each natural lash to grow freely.

How long does lash tint last?2017-07-05T17:50:33+00:00
On average, lash tint lasts for 4-6 weeks.
How long does a lash lift last?2017-07-08T17:15:55+00:00

On average, a lash lift will last around 6-8 weeks. As your lashes grow, your lift will grow out as well. When new lashes grow through, they will not be lifted.

How is a lash lift performed?2017-07-08T17:16:25+00:00

A silicone rod is adhered just above the lash line using a water soluble adhesive.  Section by section, your natural lashes are adhered onto the rod.  Solutions are then applied to open the hair cuticle and allow your lashes to conform to the shape of the rod.  After processing, the solutions and rod are removed to reveal your newly lifted lashes!


What aftercare is involved with a lash lift?2019-11-02T17:17:49+00:00

For the first 24 hours, do not get your lashes wet, do not apply mascara, and keep your lashes free of oil (moisturizer, cream, etc.).  Following these initial aftercare suggestions will allow your lift to set properly. We highly recommend going home with Elleeplex aftercare solution. This hydrating product will prolong your lift results!

What is the TrueBrow™ System?2019-11-02T17:20:26+00:00
The TrueBrow System is the process of designing your brows to their fullest and most beautiful potential, naturally.  You will be amazed at what is possible using your very own brow hair.  No tricks, serums, wigs, extensions or permanent makeup is involved.
We cannot share the exact details of how the transformations are achieved as that is proprietary information that is owned by Brow Secrets International (BSI) for exclusive use by their salons and TrueBrow Specialists; however, we can tell you that we are trained in the following:
  • Cutting edge lighting techniques
  • Brow color enhancement
  • How to work effectively with hair growth patterns and cycles
  • Understanding the transformational qualities of a woman’s brow
  • The original TrueBrow techniques as created and developed by Elle Wilson
  • A complete and in-depth understanding of how to work with any brow to open a woman’s face, giving her a newly found youthfulness and freshness, instantly.
You will be amazed at the results that can be achieved using what nature gave you and the skills of a highly trained brow specialist from Brow Secrets International.  Our TrueBrow Specialist, Kelsie, works with your natural brow to custom design your brows to best enhance your natural beauty through soft, flowing lines.  It’s truly incredible!  Because we only work with the natural brow, if restoration is needed, achieving the fullest potential is a process that can take anywhere from 3-18 months.
What is the TrueBrow™ Collection?2019-11-02T17:14:15+00:00
Comprised of 3 products for a 2-step process, the TrueBrow Collection is a brow cosmetic kit (makeup) that delivers beautiful fullness to your natural brows while remaining soft.  Unlike any other brow product on the market, the TrueBrow Collection is truly unique in its ability to blend with your natural brow to achieve soft or beautifully bold brows.
Why is being a TrueBrow™ Specialist significant?2017-07-05T17:46:09+00:00
Our TrueBrow Specialist, Kelsie, was hand picked by Brow Secrets International (BSI) to train in the TrueBrow System; therefore, Artisan Brow & Lash Studio was chosen as a BSI licensed salon.  We couldn’t be more excited to be affiliated with this incredible company and what it means for the potential of your brows!  BSI is the world’s leading brow training organization, pioneering their original TrueBrow System.  Kelsie has been lucky enough to train alongside Elle Wilson herself.  Elle Wilson is a world leading brow specialist, creator of the TrueBrow System and President of Brow Secrets International.
Who is best suited for Artisan’s TrueBrow™ services?2017-07-05T17:47:53+00:00
We work with clients who have thin, over-tweezed brows, who have overgrown shapeless brows, or anywhere in-between.  Our ability to reveal soft, flowing lines to achieve beauty enhancing brows is suitable for any woman who wants just that.
How do I become one of Artisan’s brow clients?2017-07-05T17:48:27+00:00
To begin, you will schedule ‘Part 01/02 of The TrueBrow™ Design Experience’ which is a complimentary consultation where we discuss what you want to achieve on your brow journey and create the vision for your brows.  Also, for your safety, a skin patch test for brow tint will be performed.  To give your skin ample time to accept the patch test, your design appointment (Part 02/02 of The TrueBrow™ Design Experience) will be scheduled for 2+ days following your consultation.  You can schedule your design appointment at the time of scheduling your consultation, or you can wait until after your consultation.
How often will I need to get my brows done?2017-07-13T03:34:59+00:00
To ensure that our initial vision is consistent, and to allow us the opportunity to keep your brows pristine, your brows will need to be maintained every 2-4 weeks after your initial TrueBrow Design Experience.  Your growth rate as well as the state of your brows will determine your maintenance routine.
Does Artisan offer ‘regular’ brow waxes?2019-11-02T17:22:18+00:00
All of our brow work follows the design principles of the TrueBrow System that we specialize in.  We do not offer standard brow waxes.
How long does brow tint last?2017-07-05T17:49:16+00:00
On average, brow tint lasts for 4-6 weeks
What is the difference between a Half Set and a Full Set?2017-06-21T18:41:09+00:00

The difference between these Sets is fullness, time, and price. Our Half Set ($120) includes approximately 50 lashes per eye to achieve a subtle look.  Between the consultation and application, a Half Set takes about 90 minutes. Our Full Set ($200) includes 100+ extensions per eye to achieve a fuller and longer lasting look. Altogether this appointment takes about 2 1\2 hours.


Can I wear mascara with lash extensions?2017-06-21T18:40:28+00:00

Yes, but you must only use mascara that is made for lash extensions. If you decide to use mascara, only apply it to the ends of your lashes to avoid the base where your extensions are bonded to your natural lashes. Above all, remember waterproof mascara cannot be worn.

How do I take care of lash extensions?2017-06-21T18:43:40+00:00

The first 24 hours are crucial. During this time you must be especially gentle with your lashes and avoid steam/high heat (hot tub, sauna, etc).  Lash adhesive hardens in layers.  When you leave your lash appointment the outside layers will have hardened, but the inside layers will still be soft. For your best retention always avoid oil-based product around the eye area, avoid touching/picking/pulling your lashes, and avoid steam and extreme heat.  For your eye health and lash retention, it’s very important to use a lash cleanser to remove the buildup of oils and debris. We stock one of the industry’s best lash cleansers that achieve a deep clean.

How long do lash extensions last?2017-07-13T03:06:09+00:00

With regular fills (recommended every 2-3 weeks) your lash extensions will last indefinitely!  The special adhesive used to apply your lash extensions is formulated to stay bonded for 6-8 weeks. If proper care is taken, you will only lose lashes as they shed with your natural lash.  We lose 1-5 natural lashes per eye each day.


Who can get lash extensions?2017-06-21T18:43:06+00:00

Anyone with healthy lashes can get lash extensions. If you have short and thin lashes, lash extensions can do wonders! If you already have long and strong lashes, lash extensions will offer even more drama!

*Note – Client must be 18 years of age or 16-17 with written guardian consent.

Check out what our clients are saying

Absolutely LOVE my new lashes!! First time getting them and will continue! Salon is so cute and comfortable!! Highly recommend!!

Tisha M., February 15, 2014

Kelsie has been amazing for my brows! From one business owner to another, she’s truly a professional. My brows have been transformed. I don’t think I’ll ever find another brow artist who compares to Kelsie and her beautiful soul and work.

Chelsea E., March 4, 2014

Great service! Kelsie is fantastic! Her professionalism and personality are perfect for the great service that she provides. I have been using Kelsie since March and I don’t know what I will do without her. Her brow and lash services are great and I love the detail she invests in making sure that everything looks perfect. My brows and lashes have never looked this good. Thank you Kelsie!

Carolina A., August 23, 2014

I usually don’t leave reviews, but this place deserves one! I had my first appointment with Kelsie this evening and I’m not going to lie.. I was a little skeptical. I have never paid more than $10 to get my eyebrows done but let me start off by saying that the work Kelsie did was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! The amount of professionalism before, during, and after my appointment far exceeded my expectations! The establishment was clean and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. I was sent a confirmation email as well as a reminder of my appointment. I am so pleased with how my eyebrows turned out and where they are headed! I booked my next appointment on the spot and I am very much looking forward to my next visit! Thanks for your amazing work, Kelsie!!

Danielle S., May 6, 2015

Beautiful, clean, and professional. Amazing work. I have been to the top “eyebrow” artists in NYC, and Kelsie is better than them. My eyebrows have never looked better! She is an eyebrow God and the quality of her work is bar none!

Jessica M., July 12, 2015

Words can not express how great my experience with Kelsie was!! She did an amazing job with my eyebrows! She knew exactly what I wanted and made sure my eyebrows looked flawless! Kelsie is beyond talented with her craft. Thank you so much Kelsie!!!

Essence S., October 16, 2015

So thankful for Kelsie and her passion for lashes and brows! I don’t take care of my brows, over-tweezed when I was younger and thought I would never be able to have fuller looking brows but Kelsie changed that for me. From the consultation to the appointment, she understood the look I wanted and delivered better results than I had expected. She has such precision and really takes the time to make them perfect! So happy with my brows. She is so nice and made the whole process easy and comfortable!

Kelsey K., April 5, 2017

I am very picky when it comes to who touches my brows and lashes. I have had bad experiences before with poorly done lash extensions other places so the health of my lashes is very important as well as style. Kelsie is amazing! She personalizes the entire experience. She is a perfectionist and that shows in her work. I get so many compliments on my lash extensions and so many people think that I just have the most amazing natural lashes! Her brow process is so unique. I struggle with one brow that is always higher than the other. In my first brow appointment with her, she was able to even out my brows to give my face a more symmetrical appearance. I would recommend her to any of my friends or family in a heartbeat!

Stephanie S.